An Ancient Prayer to Vesta

Here is a lovely prayer you can say to Vesta while offering into the Flamma on your lararium…it is taken from an ancient Homeric hymn: “Vesta, you have gained everlasting honor: glorious is your portion and right. Come dwell in this house in friendship together.” At around 1:15 of this video, a clip from the... Read More

Vestal Virgins: Feminism and the “Evil Field”

Despite the resurgence and richness of the Vesta tradition, many people who think “Vestal Virgin” still think of one thing: the fact that ancient Vestals who broke their vow of chaste service to the goddess were buried alive. Let’s be honest. Who can blame people for going there? It’s a pretty dramatic image: a young... Read More

Why The Vesta Tradition is Good for Today’s Families, Part I

This blog is part one of a two-part series discussing the rise and role of the Vesta tradition in today’s families. Part I tells the author’s story, while Part II expands into the history and principles of some practices. I grew up in an atheist home. It was a happy, kind-hearted and good-humoured one, with... Read More

Why The Vesta Tradition is Good for Today’s Families, Part II

This blog is Part II of a two-part blog discussing the rise and role of the Flamma Vesta tradition in today’s families. Let me ask you a question: How do you feel when you’re sitting by a crackling fire? Whether it’s a campfire under a starry sky or a fireplace in a book-lined living room,... Read More

Why Are So Many Women Lighting the Flamma Vesta?

The rediscovery of ancient faiths like Vesta, as well as other pre-Christian polytheistic belief systems, has been skyrocketing for years now. And while both men and women are embracing these, I’d like to focus here on why women are doing so. For starters, more and more women are re-thinking the religious whopper that being born with... Read More

The “Fashion” of the Flamma Vesta

While I’m not what you’d call a “girly girl”—I prefer sci-fi movies to chick flicks and grey pencil skirts to flowered dresses—I do love jewelry. And like most things I love, I’ve managed to find a way to integrate it into the way I honor Vesta. Of course, wearing jewelry to symbolize one’s faith is nothing new. Modern... Read More

Should the Catholic Church Acknowledge the Destruction of Classical Pagan Culture?

I recently read an article that offered a Christian apology to Jewish people for the wrongs committed against them. The author also acknowledged the way that Christianity was “built” on Judaism. That’s great; however, there’s a glaring omission here. Christianity was also largely “built” on the destruction and desecration of Greco-Roman polytheistic culture. To be sure,... Read More