Coffee, Biscotti and the Flamma Vesta

In my home, supper-time offerings to Vesta are done on a daily basis.  My husband, son and I nourish the flame – and by extension our own family – at the beginning and end of each meal.  Yet as much as we prioritize eating supper at the table, this time of year puts a few extra demands on our time and sometimes we find ourselves chowing down in the car.  On top of that, my husband’s changing job demands often see him home well after the supper hour.

So how do we honor Vesta at meal-time if we’re not together?  Well, we adapt.  Anyone who follows my work with Vesta knows how much I encourage people to adapt to change.  Adapt to your life as it changes, just as the flame adapts to the when the wood shifts in the hearth.  If it didn’t, its fire would go out.

For us, adapting has meant getting up a half-hour earlier in the morning so that we can all spend twenty minutes or so chatting easily at the kitchen table as the sun comes up.  I light a Flamma Vesta candle and, instead of wine or oil, I set a saucer of milk or even coffee beside it for Vesta.  Instead of sprinkling salted-flour or passing a mola salsa wafer over the flame, my husband and I pass a breakfast biscotti over the flame, while my son passes a piece of banana bread over it.

Our world is getting faster, busier, louder, tech-ier.  Our time and our families are pulled in many directions.  It is getting harder and harder for some people to enjoy that unifying family meal at the end of the day.  Errands, work, extra-curricular activities and pure exhaustion all seem to compete for our time as the supper-hour approacheth.

So adapt.  Get up a bit earlier and nourish both the flame and your family with breakfast offerings into the flame.  And if you can’t do that, find ten minutes at lunch-time to Skype or Face Time your family, with one of you offering into the Flamma Vesta on behalf of all.

Adapt, adapt, adapt.  Take Vesta’s ancient customs and incorporate them into your life in whatever way you can.  It’s a sure-fire way to keep your love, and the flame, alive.  All best, in Vesta.

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