Creating Flamma Vesta Candles

Debra Macleod hand-pours a limited number of Flamma Vesta lineage candles every March 1st – the traditional date on which the Vestals renewed the sacred fire.  These are made of pure amber beeswax, as was the original Vestal candle she received in 1989, and contain a splash of the aged beeswax from the original.  Each is also pre-lit with the flame from the original. Here, you can learn how she moves through this process.  You can also learn a few tips if you prefer to create your own candles.

In keeping with the purity of the Vesta tradition, Debra collects raw amber beeswax directly from an apiary and hand-filters it herself without the use of bleaches or machines. While this may occasionally result in “imperfect” candles (tiny but harmless bee or hive bits may occasionally be seen), it is the most natural and authentic way to experience the sacred flame as it has burned for millennia.

Beehives in an apiary

Collecting wax and honey from the hive

Natural beeswax burns with a uniquely soft, beautiful amber glow. It also has a uniquely “sweet” fragrance that uplifts the spirit. Unbleached, uncorrupted beeswax also has a proven “purifying” effect in the home by cleansing the air. Burning beeswax is also believed to stimulate the pituitary gland, which in turn enhances intuition and creativity, both elements of the Vesta tradition.



Each new batch of Flamma Vesta candles contains some of the aged beeswax collected from the original Vestal candle as it melts.

Debra hand-pours each new Vestal candle into a clear, round glass vessel. The glassware’s circular shape symbolizes the round Temple of Vesta, while its transparency allows an unobstructed view of the amber beeswax and the glowing light of the Flamma Vesta.

The purpose of this process is not to create a perfect or even beautiful candle – rather, the purpose is to house and nourish the flame with purity and simplicity, and to facilitate the cleanest, most authentic burn possible. The raw burn experience takes precedence over aesthetic appearance. Flamma Vesta candles are about spirituality and ritual, not décor.

A batch of new Vestal candles

Frosty the Cat inspecting the wooden wicks for the
first batch of new Vestal candles in March 2013

Unlike the original hand-crafted Vestal candle which contains a simple cotton wick, Debra crafts these new Vestal candles with a hand-split wood wick that crackles when it burns.

In antiquity, it was believed the sound of the crackling wood was the sound of Vesta speaking to the family.  How lovely is that?

The wood wick of each new Vestal candle is pre-lit with the Flamma Vesta – the flame of the original Vestal candle – before it is sent to its new home.

Welcome the Flamma Vesta into your home with one of these unique and exclusive lineage candles.

Or create your own candles using a similar process. This is an ancient and simple way to honor Vesta.