Flamma Vesta Lineage Candles

This Flamma Vesta beeswax candle contains a sacred spark and substance…

…it has been pre-lit with the flame of the original Vestal candle and also contains a small amount of the aged beeswax collected from the original Vestal candle as it melts. This candle’s crackling wood wick, sweet fragrance, purifying and intuitive properties, and amber glow is the most authentic way to experience the Flamma Vesta.

Every March 1st, the traditional date on which the sacred flame was renewed by the Vestals, Debra Macleod hand-pours a limited number of Flamma Vesta lineage candles. Each candle comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, a small antique-styled “V” pendant and a set of “spark cards” to inspire and inform.

To acquire a candle, please contact us as each request is handled individually.  ** We are sorry, but all candles from this year’s burn are already spoken for. **

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About Flamma Vesta Lineage Candles

Debra Macleod creates a limited number of Flamma Vesta lineage candles every March 1st, the traditional date on which the Vestals renewed the sacred flame. They are made of 100% pure amber beeswax harvested directly from an apiary and hand-filtered by Debra. Each new batch of Flamma Vesta beeswax candles contains some of the aged beeswax from the original Vestal candle she received at the Temple of Vesta in 1989. Each also contains a hand-split wooden wick which has been pre-lit with the authentic Flamma Vesta from the original Vestal candle.

This hand-poured beeswax candle is a pure, powerful way to experience the eternal flame as it has burned for millennia. The wooden wick crackles to “voice” Vesta herself, while the beeswax purifies the air and burns with a sweet-smelling fragrance: use it to illuminate your life and home, and to purify your space and spirit. The sacred beeswax also stimulates the pituitary gland, which in turn sparks the ancient intuition, awareness and creativity that is already within you. Use it to “tap into” your inner self and the universe and lead a more intuitive life.

The flame and melted wax from your Flamma Vesta candle can be used to spread the sacred flame to additional candles, oil lamps, fire pots and so on. The flame and wax from each candle can therefore last a lifetime.

Please note: Flamma Vesta lineage candles are small-batch, hand-poured creations made once a year. Imperfections in the raw beeswax are common. Each wooden wick is hand-split and pre-lit. As a result, no two candles are the same. The purpose of this process is not to create a perfect or beautiful candle – rather, the purpose is to house and nourish the flame with purity and simplicity, and to facilitate the cleanest, most authentic burn possible. The raw burn experience takes precedence over aesthetic appearance. Flamma Vesta candles are about spirituality and ritual, not décor.

Flamma Vesta candles come with an attractive set of 26 double-sided “spark cards” in a transparent holder. Spark cards contain a wealth of information about the Flamma Vesta, from its history to its rituals. They also contain ancient quotes and contemporary practical insight for spiritual inspiration and overall well-being. Read them by the light of your candle and “spark” your way to a more illuminated and intuitive life.  Each candle also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a small ancient-styled “V” pendant.

Additional Information

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