Your candle contains a pre-lit wooden wick designed to burn with beeswax and within a container of this size: it may require a few attempts to re-light it. If your candle does not light or stay lit, please contact us.

The initial burn: It is recommended that you burn the candle just long enough for the pool of wax to reach the sides of the glassware. This will ensure an even burn and prevent the wax from burrowing in the center.

Safety tips: A lighted candle is an open flame.  Never leave a burning candle unattended: always keep it in sight. Do not burn near anything that can catch fire or be harmed by the heat generated by this candle. Burn on a stable, heat-resistant surface and keep away from children, pets and drafts. Do not burn the candle all the way down. Regularly trim the (cooled) wick to approx. 1/8″, especially if it begins to smoke or flare, if the flame grows too high or large, or if carbon build-up occurs (remove loose trimmings). Your Flamma Vesta candle is a “ritual” candle that is not meant to burn for prolonged periods; burn for short periods to preserve it, and always in your presence. Ensure it is fully extinguished after use. Use caution when touching as the tempered glass container may get hot. If you choose to light other objects with the flame of your candle (i.e. other candles, a fireplace), always take appropriate fire-safe precautions.

Offerings / libations: To ensure the safest and cleanest burn, and to preserve your candle, it is recommended that you place offerings / libations in a bowl near your candle. (Offerings / libations made into the candle may cause a fire hazard, drown the wick and/or discolor the wax: always remove debris from the cooled wick and wax.) Within your spark cards, you will find a simple recipe for baked mola salsa wafers: safely and cleanly passing a wafer over the candle is recommended over using loose offerings / libations.

Note: It is important to follow safety recommendations and take fire-safe precautions when using this or any candle: we are not responsible for use or misuse.