Vesta Rises from the Rubble…

I thought those who follow this site and who honor Vesta would appreciate this post and this b&w photo.

The photo for this blog is of the original press photograph of the Temple of Vesta shortly after it was restored in 1930.  This was the first time this lovely temple, or what remains of it, saw the sun in centuries after first being excavated from the rubble by – would you believe it – Napoleon, leaving Mussolini to finish the job.  I am so happy to have this important piece of Vestal history in my collection.

I’ve also included a pic I took using this old photo as a backdrop for the Vestal candle that Camilla gave me at the ruins of the temple in 1989.  I snapped this pic on March 1, 2014, when I first re-lit her candle (the first time it was lit in 25 years).  In a happy accident, the candle’s flame reflected against the glass of the old photograph in a way that made it look as though a fire was burning in the temple’s hearth.  What a beautiful thing to think about.  All best, in Vesta.










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