The Eternal Flame

Everything Old is New Again...

Have you ever looked into a flame and felt a sense of reverence, comfort or power?  Well, so did the ancients who came before us…in fact, they built their lives, homes and world around it.  I hope you will spend some time here to learn more about Vesta’s sacred flame – past and present.

A bronze statuette of the goddess Vesta, circa 100 AD.  This may have adorned the lararium of a middle or upper class family.  (From the collection of Debra May Macleod.)
Ancient bronze Vesta: from the author's collection

Who is Vesta?

Vesta is the ancient Roman goddess of the home and hearth. Symbolized by a sacred Aeterna Flamma or Eternal Flame, her fire burned in households across the empire, as well as in her temple, where it was kept alight by six priestesses, the Vestal Virgins.

Debra May Macleod writes extensively about the Old World religion of Vesta – its history and mythology, its revered priesthood, even its legacy and presence in the New World. You are invited to explore this site to learn more, browse her books, and to wander the virtual halls of our Vesta gallery.

Coming to bookshelves worldwide in October 2020!

Their world was one of power and privilege. It was a world of war, secrets and sacred duty.

It was the world of Ancient Rome. And the esteemed Vestal Virgins – priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the home and hearth – protected the Eternal Flame that protected the Eternal City. 

In the upcoming book BRIDES OF ROME, Debra May Macleod recreates the world of Ancient Rome with all its brutality and brilliance, all its rich history and even richer legend. A true page-turner that is as smart as it is compelling, this must-read novel brings the Vestal Order to life like never before in the first chapter of an epic historical saga – THE VESTA SHADOWS trilogy.  

Look for it on bookshelves worldwide October 2020.

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