The Eternal Flame

Everything old is new again

Perhaps you feel drawn to the past or to aspects of the ancient religions you read about in my books. If so, you’re not alone. Vesta’s “Eternal Flame” dates back over three-thousand years, from distant antiquity to this very day. Its simple focus and rituals have adapted, and a growing number of people are again lighting it in their homes.

Who is Vesta?

Vesta is an Old World deity of the home and hearth, represented by a sacred flame. She was one of the most important deities to the ancient Romans, although her flame spread to other places and peoples.

Her eternal fire was kept burning in her temple by the Vestals, a powerful and revered order of priestesses. People privately honored Vesta by burning her flame in their homes, nourishing it with offerings of salted flour or libations of wine.

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