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Non-Fiction by Debra May Macleod

The New Vesta Secret

About the Book

Do you want to make your home a more sacred space than any church or temple? Do you want to bring more meaning and gratitude to your life or relationships? Do you identify as “spiritual but not religious” and wish to incorporate ancient faith-based rituals and symbols into your life without compromising your reason or modern values? If so, The New Vesta Secret may be for you.

In The New Vesta Secret, Debra May Macleod shares the story of her meeting with an extraordinary woman with an even more extraordinary secret. The last steward of a forgotten religious artefact, this woman passed down to Debra the knowledge and flame of a spirituality that had for centuries illuminated the lives of millions of people.

Part spiritual journey and part practical inspiration, The New Vesta Secret is a book about a beloved tradition emerging from the shadows. But more than that, it is a treatise on happiness, a poignant and sometimes whimsical story about the secret to life itself.


The New Vesta Home

About the Book

An ancient “spirituality of the home,” the faith and flame of Vesta burned in antiquity for centuries, providing a spiritual focus for the home and strengthening marital and family devotion. Today, this tradition has been reignited in the modern world and is being embraced by a new generation of “spiritual but not religious” women, men and families.

In The New Vesta Home, Debra May Macleod teaches readers how this life-changing tradition can illuminate their lives, relationships and homes.

From simple mealtime rituals to skills-based marriage and family-strengthening advice, The New Vesta Home is part spiritual treatise and part practical relationship manual. Use it to bring daily sparks of love, devotion, happiness and meaning to your life and home.

Ancient Intuition

About the Book

Many people live in a chronic state of uncertainty, unhappiness, discontent or dis-ease. Others feel that something is missing from their lives or that they haven’t reached their true potential, whether in terms of their career, relationships, well-being, self-knowledge or spirituality. In Ancient Intuition, author Debra May Macleod shares fascinating information and a practical, powerful process that can help you find more clarity, happiness, well-being and meaning in life.

To ignite this awareness, you must go back in time: back to the beginning of the universe, back to the beginning of who we are as a species. Back to ancient YOU. And this little book, this little time machine in your hands, can help you do that. So travel from the Stone Age to the Classical Age to the Digital Age, and learn how to tap into the life-changing power of your intuitive self. If you wish, you can learn to live a more illuminated life full of insight, inspiration, self-realization. After all, your existence is a sacred spark of the eternal fire.


The Vesta Shadows Series by Debra May Macleod

The Vesta Shadows Series

The Vesta Shadows is an ambitious book series that presents a desperately-needed literary account of the revered Vestal Virgins and their vital role in ancient Roman history, all while immersing the reader in fast-paced, emotional storylines that blaze through the most captivating and significant events in history, from the founding of Rome to the fall of the Empire.

Brides of Rome

To Be Wolves

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