Vesta Shadows series

The Vesta Shadows

The Vesta Shadows book series presents a desperately-needed literary account of the revered Vestal Virgins and their vital role in ancient Roman history, all while immersing the reader in fast-paced, emotional storylines that blaze through the most captivating and significant events in history.

Book 1

Brides of Rome

book 2

To Be Wolves

The sequel to Brides of Rome, re-creating the world of ancient Rome with all its brutality and brilliance.

“This is very intelligent and well-researched Roman historical fiction, populated with strong female lead characters.” 

– The Historical Novel Society –

“…a cool book series with a larger purpose, which is to educate people about the Vestal Virgins of Rome without coming across too academic.” 

– CORUS Entertainment –

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